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DVC TIG welding of ball valve

The following two videos show one of several possible methods for direct welding of a 3-piece ball valve from Dansk Ventil Center A/S.

The first video shows a manually operated ball valve: 

The 3 main messages in the video are:

  1. The ball valve is quality tested, pressure tested, torque tightent and ready for direct welding. By not separating the factory approved ball valve, error for incorrect assembly will be eliminatet.
  2. By not separating and then assemble the ball valve you will save time and money.
  3. By separating the ball valve it is nessary to follow the instruction, from the Dansk Ventil Center A/S.

You will find these instructions together with the delivery, scan the QR code at the ball valve or on our webpage under technical help.

The time savings is the minimum savings and attained for each valve, as they are produced under favorable conditions and without interruptions.

The second video shows an automate valve:

We hope You will find the videos interesting and look forward to receiving your feedback.

Best regards

Dansk Ventil Center A/S
Henrik Aarup Svendsen
Managing director



This video shows how quickly you can disconnect the actuator, if using a DVC quick bracket:

 Read more about the DVC quick bracket in our brochure