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Armatec Group

DVC is part of Armatec which was founded in 2003, but has been active in the industry for more than 60 years.

The company originated from Armaturjonsson and was formed to provide customers with a complete system of products that interact with each other to solve a function in their system, for example district heating plants, backflowprotection and legionella shelters.

Nordic Group

Armtec operates in Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland.
Armatec Group with subsidiaries Erab (Elektro Relä AB), Mec-Con AB, SGP Armatec AS, Dansk Ventil Center A/S and Valtor A/S, is part of Ernströmgruppen together with Armaturjonsson AS, C.M Hammar, Elektrokyl Energiteknik, Pegol,Polyform AS, ReTherm Kruge Pipingsystem, Rec Indovent, Rimeda, VVS-klimat AB and Ouman.

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