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Ball valves

The ball valve is a very versatile type of valve, with the capability of acting both as a shutoff valve and as a control valve. A ball valve is suited for high pressure and temperature, and is resilient towards most types of media.

The ball valve has a 90° turn from open to close. Sizes ranges from ¼” to 4”, and when a ball valve is fully open it has a straight-through flow, which results in a minimum loss of pressure.

Our DVC ball valves are available in brass, steel and acid-proof stainless steel. When it comes to connections we can offer weld-, thread- and flange-ends. The valves come in 2-way, 3-way and 2-pcs., 3-pcs. variations, with many options for automation og feedback through add-on accessories.

Our ball valves are divided into the following categories: