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Dansk Ventil Center A/S · Know-how makes the difference!



Dansk Ventil Center A/S will always strive to be amongst the very best in Denmark; concerned with employment conditions and environment. This naturally includes health promotion initiatives. We wish to lead the way and we mean that literally. Therefore, last year we acquired 5 treadmills for our offices.

The reason is that an average office worker in Denmark sits down for 10-14 hours during the day. The human body was not designed for this purpose. When we are sedentary, it causes a variety of serious diseases. On-line as well as in scientific journals, the conclusion is clear: Sitting down for longer periods of time leads to numerous diseases and a shorter lifespan.

We have a sincere wish to spread this knowledge so that we can take better care of each other. Therefore, we hand out an open invitation to all our customers, suppliers and business associates: Come by our office and take a walk with us, before you consider buying a treadmill yourself.

We would like to show you how easy and simple it works in practice and tell you about our experiences.

We offer you a “walk-in” coffee at the treadmill ... visit us soon for you to start converting “sitting down” to “walking tall”. Welcome to Dansk Ventil Center A / S, Ferrarivej 14, 7100 Vejle.